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MixTape Promotion 101 aka How To Promote My Mixtape
Whether you are an artist or a producer there is a good possibility you will at some point be releasing a mixtape. This should help you maximize possible benefits from releasing your mixtape.
You must first determine what goal you are trying to achieve by releasing a mixtape. It is essential that you determine your target audience, the budget you are working with, and how you want to distribute it. Releasing a mixtape could be done for many reasons. It could be for promotion, hyping an upcoming album release, a tour, etc. If your primary goal of releasing a mixtape is to make money then you should probably consider putting together an album instead. An album is a completely different story.
So who is your target audience? If the goal is to obtain more fans then they would be your target audience. If you are attempting to be recognized by someone in the industry then they would be your target audience. This ties into the next questions that must be answered. What is my budget? How much available funds do you have to invest in your mixtape? How much to spend on recording expenses, distribution, packaging, advertising, etc. How much you spend depends on your target audience. If you are trying to reach more fans than you might decide to release it digitally on the net. If you are trying to gain exposure from someone in the industry you may be putting together a complete promotional package that includes a hard copy of your mixtape packaged and looking professional. It is also possible that you decide to do both.
Releasing a mixtape digitally can be free or almost no cost. It can also be extremely easy and convenient. This does not require you to hit the streets passing CD’s out of the back of your mom’s minivan. It also does not require professional packaging and other expenses associated with hard copies. It makes it really easy to reach a lot more people, especially people outside of your local scene. The downfall of the digital release is it does not have the personal touch and relationship building aspects provided with the physical copy. I personally recommend doing both if the budget allows. Both have there benefits and doing both maximizes your chance of gaining more fans. A site that offers digital mixtape releases is
Promotion is crucial regardless of who your target audience or what your goal is with your mixtape. When promoting a mixtape it is extremely important to promote on all forms of Social Media. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Reverbnation, etc. Promote your tape on all of these sites in the forums and on your personal pages. Make it one click away for viewers by providing direct links to listen and download. The easier it is for fans to find it the more exposure you will receive.
Another means of promotion is to hit up all forums that focus on your genre of music. Drop links, ask for feedback, etc. One thing that I commonly see artists miss out on is attempting to have a blog write an article about your upcoming release or mixtape. This can provide publicity as well as provide promotion from a third party. It’s not just the artist telling you they are good, its an unbiased listener giving you their thoughts and opinions on the mixtape. Search for blogs in your genre. Ask them to feature your mixtape on their blog and write a review. Having quotes from articles and blogs are also great to use in promotional packages. Another great way to promote your album is to feature other artists and producers.
The more people that are on the mixtape usually means the more people promoting it. Other artists will promote songs that they are included on which leads to more promotion for you. Also if you work with artists or producers that already have a solid following it might create an instant buzz for your mixtape.
Promote your mixtape by all means possible. Definitely take advantage of all the free opportunities on the net. Provide good music, promote it well, and you are moving in the right direction to achieve success.