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Plagiarism By Sheltial Green

It’s a disgrace knowing most of the things that exist come from a dark being and others take credit / but when you meet other people that steal from you rearranging your words it’s not surprising to know that person doesn’t have brain power
Lesson – Plagiarism is wrongful appropriation purloining and publication of another’s authors language thoughts ideas expressions

My take on it

Plagiarism is no brain fabrications
It mainly comes from the uneducated ( not educated )
Stealing from others you replicated
Familiarize yourself with lies
Your descending use of your mind
Words you can’t apply to yourself
I see you standing with everyone else
Don’t know how to walk alone
Mind deterioration mind gone
Consider yourself the replicate(or)
Xeroxed stay inside your box
Fake to ape counterfeit
Caricature words saying you’re full of shit
You don’t have any authorization
To steal any of my publications

© Sheltial Green