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The first single from SCO 2013 release Numberz produced by Ill Muzik Beatz. #Kush #Blunts #GreenReligion #420 #Rellos #TurnMeUp #Blazed #Blunted #Ghanja #MaryJane #Loud #LoudPack #Fire #Numberz

New single on Souncloud and VibeDeck

The first single from SCO 2013 release Numberz produced by Ill Muzik Beatz. #Kush #Blunts #GreenReligion #420 #Rellos #TurnMeUp #Blazed #Blunted #Ghanja #MaryJane #Loud #LoudPack #Fire #Numberz

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Welcome to 3Kingz Ent. We are glad to have you…In the coming days we will be posting links to all of our current and past releases. We have a ton of videos,music,graphic Designs and much more to share with the world.


We are headed by CEO/Executive Producer & Artist Donnie “SCO” Heard Jr. who has been doing music all of his life. You will never meet an artist with the drive and charisma of “SCO”, He is also a budding photographer & Graphic artist with at least 6 photo shoots and a host of graphic projects already under his belt. Hailing from Brooklyn,NY by care of Frankfurt Am Main,Germany “SCO” is no stranger to the struggle growing up in a single parent home with 2 other siblings. SCO was determined since a small child to make a name for his self in the entertainment industry so that he could change his life and the tight knit circle of longtime friends. He has had alot of minor success so far by “Daring to do and say what others won’t” & by having a rock solid vision in a struggling industry filled with hungry artist willing to do anything to survive.

“SCO” is currently working on 3 new cd’s along with him just releasing his 4th solo album “Most Wanted 2.0” 9/11/12 on vibedeck at If you would like to collab with “SCO” on his collaboration cd titled “Featurama” send beats with or with out hooks to and a brief description of the song or you can just email SCO and inquire about receiving a beat produced by him for the project.

Stay tuned for more Bio’s on our staff and updates on new music from 3Kingz Ent.