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A Pretend friend is A Fiend To Me By Sheltial Green

Staring at my enemies 
Knowing they’re afraid of me 
Try to be the pretend friend 
Knowing they’re a fiend to me 
A hypocrites mentality 
Tries to inner decipher me
My inner wombman 
Overstands his demands 
The masters weapons 
His genocidal plans 
Just because he’s afraid of who I am
The laws were half written 
By the racist pigmens 
A degree in hatred
And black division 
Programmed television 
Painted pictures 
Untrue scriptures 
Crooked leaders and politrickers 
The sadistic mind 
So evil sick wicked 
Oppressed oppressors 
Wasting time
Soul taking investors 
Living stripping us away from our 
My enemies 
Pretending to be 
Friend fiend to me
I’m blowing the wind to thee.