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Glorifying By Sheltial Green

Keep watching the media not paying attention
They’re pulling you into the religare (to tie again)slave tradition
Glorifying drugs
keep on pushing
Calling it the black man’s hustle
Poisoning families
Taking away from children
And their homes
leaving The mother to raise on her own
Walking around all spaced out
walking zombies can’t live without
Glorifying ignorance keep watching TV
There’s too much black man idiocy
Be a thug
Let your pants hang low
Show your ass
Walking like the ape man
What class
Is this
Glorifying the Almighty dollar
In order to appease
Get their degrees
Without even knowing who are we
Percentage and numbers
To identify you 
Separate us
Degrade us
Glorifying violence
Kill your own brother
Divide conquer and separate
Birthed from the same mother
Skinny jeans for men cutting off circulation
Unable to think balls mutilation
Glorifying sex
Then talk about AIDS
Living in the world
Plans to depopulate
Still watching the media
But not what they’re feeding you
© Sheltial Green



Y.O.U. is an organization that was created to arm parents with accurate and up-to-date information on children’s learning differences, navigating the school system, and alternatives to medication; Y.O.U. also strives to involve the community in helping children who face learning challenges to find their natural talents and gain a healthy sense of pride and purpose. Like them on FaceBook


Letter To The Streets By S.C.O.

I’m worried about the youth in my city…..they have no voice to speak up for them…..they have no leadership no sense of right from wrong….I wish I could save them all but It’s not in my power yet…..It’s sad to say that a lot of the young brothers and sisters sitting here reading this post might not live to see this time next year. If you have or know of a relative or friend that’s out there in those streets please talk to them and steer them off of the path of destruction. All this violence is starting to hit to close to home for me. I’m only 29 and i have been to way to many funerals already and I don’t want to go to anymore no time soon. WE MUST ALL DO WHAT EVER WE CAN TO HELP OUR YOUTH….WE CAN’T COUNT ON THE GOVERNMENT OR CITY OFFICIALS TO DO ANYTHING FOR US BUT TALK,WE ARE THE PEOPLE AND WE MUST CLEAN UP OUR OWN MESSES. TO ALL THE DOPE BOYS PUT SOME OF THAT BREAD BACK IN YOUR COMMUNITY, IF YOU ROBBING GO GIVE BACK TO THAT OLD MAN ON THE CORNER….IF YOU TRICKIN TAKE SOME OF THAT DIRTY MONEY AND GIVE SOMEONE A WARM MEAL. I’M NOT HERE TO DOWN TALK ANYONE MY PURPOSE IS TO ENLIGHTEN THE WORLD BY CHANGING THOUGHT PROCESSES AND SPEAKING NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, SOME MAY NOT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY BUT SOMEBODY HAS TO SAY IT……WE HAVE TO DO BETTER PEOPLE IF WE WANT BETTER…..HOTEP