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Plagiarism By Sheltial Green

It’s a disgrace knowing most of the things that exist come from a dark being and others take credit / but when you meet other people that steal from you rearranging your words it’s not surprising to know that person doesn’t have brain power
Lesson – Plagiarism is wrongful appropriation purloining and publication of another’s authors language thoughts ideas expressions

My take on it

Plagiarism is no brain fabrications
It mainly comes from the uneducated ( not educated )
Stealing from others you replicated
Familiarize yourself with lies
Your descending use of your mind
Words you can’t apply to yourself
I see you standing with everyone else
Don’t know how to walk alone
Mind deterioration mind gone
Consider yourself the replicate(or)
Xeroxed stay inside your box
Fake to ape counterfeit
Caricature words saying you’re full of shit
You don’t have any authorization
To steal any of my publications

© Sheltial Green



4 ways to improve your vocal recordings.

If you’re just starting to record your own tracks or have been for awhile you may have ran into the problem of your vocals not sounding loud enough with out turning them up to the point where they sound bad. Some of it can be caused by certain frequency ranges being mixed to high in the beat, using a microphone not designed for studio vocal use or any number of other things. Here are a few ways to make your vocals stand out with out turning them up so loud they sound like crap.

You’ve got 2 channels, use them.

One way to really fatten up your sound is by utilizing both stereo channels. What I like to do is an my main vocals a bit to the right, and on my over dubs I will record them twice and pan one take hard left and one hard right, you can also record your verse a second time, turn it down a bunch and pan it to the left to fill out your main take that is panned to the right. Try experimenting with this and you will love how full and wide your vocals sounds.

A wee bit of reverb.

Another easy way to improve your vocal recordings is to add a bit of reverb. I don’t like to use so much that it sounds echoey, but just enough can really bring out your vocal tracks. Most reverbs will have a setting for the type of reverb and the amount of reverb that gets mixed in, often labeled wet/dry. I like to set the reverb type to plate and the wet/dry to about 3-4% wet (3-4% of the reverb mixed in) depending on which reverb you use this amount may be different but you only need a very little bit of reverb to make your vocals sound more full before they starting sounds like you recorded your voice in the shower.

The thing your rap/sing into.

No amount of creative mixing or tricks can make bad recordings sound good, the best way to prevent this is by having good equipment. As far as a microphone goes, a large diaphragm condenser mic is going to be your best bet, you can buy them from anywhere from 50 dollars and up, and expect to spend between 150-300 on a good quality vocal mic. You may also want to consider adding a tube preamp to your set up as this combined with the condenser mic will give you very rich and full vocal recordings.

Don’t rap like a drunk bafoon.

I hear this time and time again, people rapping but you cannot understand a single word they are saying. This one is tough to notice yourself because you know what you said so your brain just hears that, but other people may not know what you are saying. Ask some of your friends or other artists you know to give your music a listen and ask them if they can understand what you are saying. If a couple people say that your lyrics are hard to understand then really try to make it a point to pronounce your words well while you’re rapping. You have a much better chance of people appreciating your lyrics if they can understand them.

Stay Active!

I can give you little tips and tricks and you can find a plethora of information on the internet but the best teacher is experience and as you record and mix more and more of your own vocals you will learn what sounds good with your voice and what doesn’t and with some effort and practice, you’ll be mixing like a pro in no time!




3Kingz Ent. | “Slaves work hard Kingz work smart”.



Easy ways to book shows.

The importance of doing concerts

Concerts and merchandise sold at them make up a huge portion of an artists income, you’re not going to make a living sitting around selling tracks on iTunes unless you have already built up a huge fan base. Concerts are a great way to make money and gain new fans.

Booking your first concerts.

Booking shows can be very difficult to do if you don’t know the right people, so you need to know the right people. Some of the best people to know to help you with this is other artists. A lot of times when an artist books a gig it is up to him or her to provide the opening acts. If you don’t already know a few people who are booking their own concerts then start going to local concerts and talking with the other acts there. Don’t just run up and tell people to let you own for them, tell them you enjoyed their set and ask them for some advice on something related to music, this let’s them know you are also an artist, and people love to give advice so its a great conversation starter. A few days later follow up with them on Facebook or Twitter and give them some links to your music and let them know you are looking to do some shows and to keep you in mind the next time they are doing a concert. At first you might not get paid to perform, but you can sell merchandise, make new fans and as your fan base and drawing power increase you will be able to negotiate better term because you will have the leverage of a large group of fans that will come spend money to watch you perform. Another easy way is to search Craigslist for promoters looking for acts. These people are already actively looking for artists so just email them links to your music and follow up with them about booking opportunities that are coming up. A word of warning, unless you are at the point that you are talking directly with venue owners and renting a venue out you should never have to pay to perform somewhere and if you do you are getting ripped off. The one exception to that rule would be if you were entering a rap battle of some sort with a cash prize, but those aren’t for everyone and often lead to more drama than opportunities for other concerts.


It’s up to you to steer your career toward the top, if being an artist that lives off their work is something you want to be then you need to be investing as much time and energy into getting your music to the people as you can. If you’re expecting some A&R to stumble across your soundclick page and sign you because you’ve got good songs then you have a long wait ahead of you. More and more artists are going the independent route these days and even the ones that get signed to major labels are the ones that went out there and did all the work needed to create a buzz. This isn’t a weekend hobby, this your future and your career and you need to treat it as such. Now get out there and start doing some shows.

Who says that an artist from South Carolina can’t do big things. Point me to them so I can prove them wrong,this past Tuesday 3Kingz Ent. Artist “KUPID V DA ARCHITECT” released his debut video “Benjemins” directed by 3Vision Media. After 5 days on YouTube he has racked up nearly 31,000 views with no big budget promotion or a large team of people working 24 hours around the clock, just two men determined to succeed and 1 vision. At this rate he will reach 100,000 plays in little over a week, that is an amazing feat for a independent artist coming out of south carolina where most of the artist are either looked over or not serious about their craft and I have have ran across a lot of artist with these two problems that have been plaguing the state for sometime . If the world wasn’t paying attention to south carolina they will be very soon, come 11/11/12 when Kupid V releases his first solo mixtape “The Book Of E.L.I.” Chapter 1:Impurity featuring production by Alex Al-Tunes Pyles, Donnie SCO Heard,Jermel J-Real Pyles and also features by SCO,V-SWOL and Al-Tune. See link below to view the video.

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