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I’m sorry pharrell you are a great producer but nobody wants no D### cream liquor man. What where you thinking about when you came up with that idea? Another rapper trying to play follow the leader now he wants to sue somebody else for his own bad idea……Smh

Black America Web

Pharrell Williams believes someone is to blame for the sluggish sales of his new line of cream liqueur…and that it’s not him.

According to, the music producer has filed a lawsuit against distillery Diageo North America Inc. for failing to produce, market and distribute his high-end Qream to the appropriate target audience, which resulted in low sales. He also alleges bottles were manufactured with faulty tops, decreasing consumer willingness to purchase the drink. Williams accuses the company of shutting down production without warning last July, giving him no time to find another partner.

The 39-year old-filed breach of contract papers at Manhattan Federal Court last week and is seeking $5 million in damages, according to the website.

(Photo: EURWeb)

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