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This is the perfect example of a dumb criminal. You never ever use your real name while you are committing a crime smart guy(pun intended) lol.

Black America Web

While some criminals do their best to leave a crime scene without a trace, a Philadelphia suspect gave police an investigative head start.

Christopher Kieter allegedly stole from three institutions by posing as a fire inspector.

The 26-year-old was granted access to the Academy of Music on Jan 3 and stole a Toshiba computer, headphones and a radio.

The next day Kieter used his same tactics at the Independence Visitor Center where he was seen on surveillance camera taking a $2,500 handheld radio and a wireless microphone worth over $600.

Police tied Kieter to a similar incident on Jan 8. at the Art Institute of Philadelphia which resulted in two missing laptops. Police arrested Kieter after discovering that he provided his name on a visitor’s log at the Art Institute.

Kieter faces charges of impersonating a public official, trespassing, theft and other similar offenses. Authorities retrieved all of the stolen…

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