Are We Living (Poem) by Sheltial Green

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Are We Living By Sheltial Green

Are we living 
No we’re dying
Drug popping
and pistol buying
What kinds of seeds are being sown
When taking lives become our own
Who’s raising our kids 
The streets of death
And the life time bids
Father’s absence from the home
Mother’s don’t give a fuck they’re club gone
Out searching for Mr. Wrong
Wondering what he has going on
No more talking
No peace
Nothing left
A sentence of death
Falling tears still weeping
Sleep and still sleeping
When do we awake
From the violence self hate
Outraged when we see others take from us
Taking a free trip on that KKK bus
Not uniting
But constantly fighting 
Hate consumed
Crimes unjustifiable 
Less hate
More love 
More peace
Minds at ease
Ignorance ceased
Wise up

© Sheltial Green

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