Naked By Sheltial Green

Posted: January 9, 2013 in blogs, graphics, hip-hop, music, POETRY, rap, Uncategorized
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Born in this world
unclothed fully naked
Prior to bearth in the mother’s womb protected
Naked and natural
Not disrespected
Walking the earth
Naked as Kings and Queens
No lusty thoughts
About sexing
Euro- educated
Slave mind mandated
What was natural
Covered with bandaids
Every pure and natural thought
Now we’re living
Crack addicted
Natural nakedness taken away
Capitalism into play
Rules to live
Under their alliance
In the order they follow
Naturally unbalanced
Man made time
Back to my natural

© Sheltial Green

When you look at the original ways of living there were no clothes . No one looked at anyone as a sex object. Now with the euro centralized mind we live in a society where sex controls the thoughts the actions the eyes wake up

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