Simple Mathematics by Leslie Christina Langley

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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There once was a time

where one plus one equaled two

not him plus her times her parenthetically

where you found the variables BEFORE

you divided the one with the x-chromosome squared

then multiplied

but now people leave their previous problems unsolved and skip to the next,

rather than pushing forward and solving for ‘y’ (why) instead of ‘x’ (ex).

He’d rather find the function that creates her parabolas

instead of doing the basic algebra

The order of operations is messed up

too many inconsistincies

trying to get inside my parenthesis

too many cosine-ing the sines

thinking they’re prime,

but they’re just another number on the number line

not even outliers

or multipliers

just dividers

that divide US

As I travel on that tangent, my thoughts become acute

I try to convey them but my students are just too obtuse

It’s a shame that we can’t be equilateral or congruent based on our similarities

Because everyone thinks that they’re 90 degrees

I guess it’s because we’re parallell,

as irrational imaginary intellectuals put us through hell

refusing to give us the equation

for a point of intersection

they just want to negate us.

and no one wants to solve the problems by hand so they search for calculators 

What are we but a bunch of ones and oh’s

They look at us and see binary code

Only when you look at us as individuals

but when put together,

we create.we mold.

we shape.

But until the Sum of us can be conveyed to Some of us, we will never add up.

We will never operate.

It’s just simple mathematics. 


by Leslie Christina Langley

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