Is Hip-Hop Dead?

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Is Hip-Hop dead? That’s a question I hear alot and along with that I also hear that “soulja boy, Gucci man,future,lil b etc….” are responsible. I used to agree with that statement until I really sat back and thought about it harder. You can not blame the artist in the game for trying to eat just like the rest of us underground artist looking for their big break, but you can blame technology first and foremost for making the tools to create and share music so easily available to the public. 15 or 20 years ago Hip-Hop was in a whole different state, not to say that the artist back then where way better than today’s picks (which they where by a long shot…lol) but they had to go to big budget studios and programs like (Fruity Loops & Protools) didn’t even exist, the Internet was still in it’s infant stages so as you know we didn’t have sites like Facebook,Twitter,YouTube and the new comer to take a song from idea to being spread all across the globe in a matter of hours. In today’s music scene we artist have to constantly try to find new ways to get exposure on the now booming Internet market with so many different types of artist out here doing the same things.  

Back in 1990 if you wanted to hear from or see your favorite artist you had to either go to a concert,buy all their music or simply stalk them (Which I don’t suggest). Now flash forward to 2012 where you can buy a beat off soundclick go to a friends house and get a decent recording done throw it in a pirated version of Sony Vegas and make a quick video then post it on all the major social sites and flood your followers time lines to the point where they start to look over quality music from struggling artist and head straight for a song or video that is more popular due to either it truly being better music or somebody abusing technology by paying for a ton of views to gain exposure, “I’m not casting any judgments” get it how you live, I am just stating the facts that in today’s world hip-hop has evolved from the days of a DJ and a turntable to some sort of digital beast(lol).

With a little bit of computer knowledge and alot of time on your hands you can still earn a good living in today’s market by targeting smaller sites and social networks first then relying on the major sites such as Facebook,Twitter and so forth. I’m not going to guarantee you over night or next week success but I will leave you with this “Hip-Hop is not dead per to say it is just more transparent than it used to be” so keep grinding hard at what ever you are doing and with the right team,work ethic and of course capital you will soar to heights you never dreamed of before.

                                                                                                                   3Kingz Ent.  

  1. Kesha Ingram says:

    Man, you ain’t neva lied! There is so much crap playing on the radio these days that I don’t even bother listening anymore. I go to the underground, like you said, where there’s people who are putting in real work, putting their hearts & souls into it. You can feel it. I;m all about people like you, my boi Gunzmore, my son Marcus Cleveland The Boy Prince, and others with good flow who are making music for the love of it first off! No sellin’ out, but trying to get their break nonetheless. I know when y’all’s time comes you’ll still be true to the music and I appreciate that! I give credit where credit is due. Keep doin’ ya thang, playboy. You have fans & much luv around the globe. 1 LUV! ~K<3


    • 3kingzent says:

      You are right on the money with all you said us underground artist are the ones really putting our all into our music and getting looked over for someone willing to either be a gimmick or puppet. I love creating music its been apart of me since I was six but I would rather quit music than have someone tell me how I am going to do my music or have me doing things that are not me. I will continue to make great music for all the hip-hop heads around the world my way while I help build 3Kingz Ent. up to the point where we are able to do everything a major label can do for our selves a self contained label and independent. Once again thanks for your support and stay tuned for more from me and 3Kingz Ent.


  2. Great discussion. I personally don’t feel that it’s dead I just feel that it’s unbalanced. If anything gets unbalanced then it will soon self destruct as we are seeing with hip hop. It’s 2 much swagging and trapping and not enough thought provoking and educating music being made.


  3. We Have to Unite ,Take Back OUR MUSIC ,Support one another ,Bring Back All The ELEMENTS


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