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In the kitchen jammin to shit, makin dinner ūüĎĆūüíĮūüėäūüėĄ @dirrtysco

‚ÄĒ jasmine tyrese (@blueallday18) January 20, 2014
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New Beat The Return Of Bane Produced by @Dirrtysco


NEW BEAT #TheReturnOfBane PRODUCED BY Sco Diditagain GRAPHIC DESIGN BY SCO FOR 3Vision Media #Follow #SCO on TWITTER @Dirrtysco #3KingzEnt 3Kingz Ent <<<{BEAT LINK}


NEW BEAT #TheReturnOfBane PRODUCED BY Sco Diditagain GRAPHIC DESIGN BY SCO FOR 3Vision Media #Follow #SCO on TWITTER @Dirrtysco #3KingzEnt 3Kingz Ent <<<{BEAT LINK}

New single “Premeditated” by 3Kingz Ent.

NEW SINGLE BY¬†#3KingzEnt¬†artist (S.C.O.,Kupid V & Gemmii3) produced & Recorded by @Dirrtysco¬†for GrindHous3 Productions/3Kingz Ent. @ThaGrindHous3¬†in Laurens,SC contact S.C.O. @ (864)401-6574 or¬†¬†for bookings,collabs,studio time,graphic design etc….



I’m listening to Stay Feat.Mikky Ekko_Remix By SCO @Hulkshare:

I’m listening to Stay Feat.Mikky Ekko_Remix By SCO @Hulkshare:.


I loved the song and wanted to add a little SCO to it so I decided to put this together and see how it would come out. Leave me some feedback on the track. Follow me on twitter @dirrtysco

I do not own the rights to the song this is for promotional use only!!!!!!!!!


Kat Dahlia ‘Gangsta’ Remix Produced By SCO {{{Free DownLoad}}}


New {{{REMIX}}} of @KatDahlia¬†new song “Gangsta” Produced By “SCO DID IT AGAIN”. Follow her here¬†¬†and let her know how much you love the song also don’t forget to follow SCO also at @DirrtySCO¬†more “REMIXES” coming soon!!!

Zeds Dead – Spring Mix ’13

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Zeds Dead - Spring Mix '13

Hey Dubstep and Trap lovers! Zeds Dead just released their Spring Mix and all I gotta say is… it’s pretty banging. Recently, I have been straying away from dubstep and leaning more towards trap music. However, this mix blends dubstep and trap really well to give you a monster of a mix. Check it out.

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New {Exclusive Beats} Produced By “SCO Did It Again”





New {Infused Beats} Produced by “SCO Did It Again” A perfect mixture of 2 totally different genres (Dub Step & Dirty South) Thumping drums with a little wobble and some raw synth’s to sign the deal.

For more info email for exclusive prices,features and booking.

“The A-Team” By 3Kingz Ent.



This is the 1st single off of our upcoming mixtape “Genesis” featuring 3Kingz Ent artist (S.C.O.,Kupid V,DertRed,B_Dae,Telly B). The track is produced by Chi-Town Producer “Serious Beatz”. The full mixtape “Genesis” is slated to drop later on this year so stay tuned for more from 3Kingz Ent.


3Kingz Ent Presents Numb3rz By S.C.O. World Premier


Numb3rz is a collection of songs that embodies my experiences in life and my views on them. They are like musical paintings of my surrounding environment filled with tales of real life situations from my point of view. This is definitely a Cd with something for everybody on it.- S.C.O.



New Promo Video Release “Warriors” By S.C.O. of 3Kingz Ent.



1) warriors
  plural of war·ri·or


(esp. in former times) A brave or experienced soldier or fighter.


A person who beyond all obstacles still manages to be successful. A warrior will often be troubled in life, but will persevere in the end.

Socially, a warrior will often be down to earth, functioning entirely off of what they perceive as logic. While this can lead to arrogance and stubbornness, a Warrior has a soft center, and can be befriended with ease by anyone knowing how to reach it.

Often intelligent, strong, determined, and skillful, a Warrior, despite whatever problems they may have, is perfect. In their own way, each Warrior is perfect.


New Promo Video for a brand new track “Warriors” by SCO!!!!!! BRAND NEW CD “NUMB3RZ” DROPS ON 3/3/13 on and much more.

A Pretend friend is A Fiend To Me By Sheltial Green



A Pretend friend is A Fiend To Me By Sheltial Green

Staring at my enemies 
Knowing they’re afraid of me¬†
Try to be the pretend friend 
Knowing they’re a fiend to me¬†
A hypocrites mentality 
Tries to inner decipher me
My inner wombman 
Overstands his demands 
The masters weapons 
His genocidal plans 
Just because he’s afraid of who I am
The laws were half written 
By the racist pigmens 
A degree in hatred
And black division 
Programmed television 
Painted pictures 
Untrue scriptures 
Crooked leaders and politrickers 
The sadistic mind 
So evil sick wicked 
Oppressed oppressors 
Wasting time
Soul taking investors 
Living stripping us away from our 
My enemies 
Pretending to be 
Friend fiend to me
I’m blowing the wind to thee.

Yolanda By S.C.O. is doing #Numb3rz

Yolanda Single Artwork by 3Vision Media

Yolanda Single Artwork by 3Vision Media

This song is about what happens in the real world when you have a young mother with no way out of the struggle that she is in and no one to turn to….take a trip through the life of a young black mother in the ghetto. The full length cd #Numberz by SCO is due out next year until then enjoy this #HipHop masterpiece and share with your friends and family.



New cd drops on 3/3/13 on,Tweet My,dat crack mixtapes and many more sites. We will also have physical copies available for $5 that will be retail quality full color print on the cd and a special surprise for the 1st 100 people to purchase a cd for only $5. Call (864)201-7938 or email us at to pre-order a copy or for more info.

S.N. for fans and supporters outside of the Greenville,SC area we can ship your cd directly to your front door for the cd price plus shipping & Handling>>>>>>contact us today for more info.

Free Download Music:

Dance With The Devil By S.C.O.

Yolonda By SCO

Shock Theory By SCO

Fire By SCO


HollyWood By S.C.O. Directed By Vizual Mekaniks

Click Clack By S.C.O. Directed By Vizual Mekaniks

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Who Is S.C.O.

Who Is S.C.O.


S.C.O. (Supreme Conscious & OverStanding) born Donnie T. Heard Jr. has been producing & engineering music for 10 yrs. and has also been a songwriter and recording artist since the age of six SCO got his first break in 1992 working for a local news station Fox 21 as a mascot and would also star in some of their commercials after that SCO studied the violin and drums until the sixth grade. When SCO turned 12 his older brother also a rapper at the time brought him a Casio Keyboard and gave him a tape deck so he could record his own music and practice his rhymes, SCO later went on to work with a host of local artist in the group major Threat (Magik Man,B_Dae, Casso Montana,Fire,SCO,Birddie,Dirt G) where SCO started to hone his rhyme skills and learned to stand away from the bunch by delivering RAW punch lines and daring to say what other rappers wouldn’t. After leaving the group SCO started to dable in music production as a career, by this time it was 2002 and SCO had already seen minor success with his ventures with major threat records and his own solo career, by 2010 he had already been offered numerous recording contracts and won a couple of talent shows in and around Greenville,SC.In The fall of 2010 SCO hooked back up with his cousin and fellow rapper Birddie to form GSC Ent. a independent record company based in Greenville,SC They successfully finished their first project Muscle Musik Vol.2 Hosted By Tha Trap-A-Holics and SCO also landed a movie soundtrack placement with Danger Room Studios. Now with it being 2012 He Hosted & featured on a nationally released mixtape Raw Talent Vol.3 (Welcome To South Carolina) that cleared over 60,000 downloads. SCO was the voice behind (Johnny Wales) a music producer in the adult cartoon On The Way To Success that aired in March of 2012 but was cancelled by the producers. In¬†February¬†of 2012 SCO released his 3rd solo album OUT ON BAIL which he sold 300 copies out of his car,the release also racked up a modest 500 downloads and featured collaborations with fellow Indie artist (Kupid V,Telly B & Ill3gal) hailing from SCO’s hometown Greenville,SC with SCO’s rock solid hustle game and talent to match he is sure to be a driving force in hip-hop music for years to come.

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Click Click By S.CO. Directed By Vizual Mechaniks

HollyWood By S.C.O. Directed By Vizual Mechaniks



Nasty Girl(Beat) By SCO {{{FREE DOWNLOAD}}} $30 Lease



We have services in music production,recording,mixing and several other artist services. Email us at

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If you would like to lease any of these for $30 email me with the beat name and all your contact info.

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